Murder of Crows (The Others #2) by Anne Bishop


5 stars

Re-read review March 2016

Guys, something horrible happened! I didn’t enjoy Murder of Crows as much as I usually do this time around! This is my third time reading this book and usually I fly through it singing it praises the entire time but this time I found myself dragging :O!! I’m putting this up to this horrible reading slump I’ve been in and I’m not reducing my star rating! I love this series and I wont let this evil reading slump ruin it!! In, other news, Simon and Meg still manage to make me all gooey despite the fact I know exactly how their relationship plays out!

Review February 2015

May contain spoilers from the previous books in the series.

Murder of Crows defies all expectations! This is a reread for me so I already knew this book was amazing but I was still found myself shocked by how extraordinary is really is! Anne Bishop has really created a world in which you want to believe is true. You want there to be some alternative universe where Others exist (at least I do).

Things of amazingness in Murder of Crows:

  • Meg and Simon’s relationship progresses in this novel!


They still aren’t together but they both are starting to release, that maybe their “friendship” is the beginning of something bigger and better. Meg is unsure about letting their friendship develop into anything more because she doesn’t know if she could handle a relationship. Simon is questioned throughout the novel, by himself and by others, that maybe living alone in the Green Complex away from the Wolfgard isn’t really that good for him, as wolf are pack animals and he might be acting a bit too human. Which in turn makes him question his feeling for Meg. At one point Henry says to Simon “if you had done all the things with a female Wolf that you have done with Meg, it would be considered a courtship. You would be presenting yourself as a potential mate.”  I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that other characters in the story were starting to see the depths of Simons feeling towards Meg!! I reckon Simon is completely in love with Meg it’s just a matter of time till he realises that’s what he’s feeling when he doesn’t want to leave her alone, or he doesn’t want to sleep without her.

“He wasn’t sure how she ended up halfway on top of him, but he didn’t mind feeling the weight of her or her breath ruffling his fur or being surrounded by the comforting scent of her skin. He didn’t mind at all.”


  • Almost all the storylines which are opened in Written in Red come to a finish in Murder of Crows. I love when I don’t have to wait books and books to finish things off! I was like hallelujah! This means that the new storylines in Murder of Crows will be completely explored in Vision in Silver, without having to deal with dragged out storylines from Written in Red! Things to do with the Compound, the cassandra sangue, the attacks on the Others and the drugs are all resolved in the novel. And not in a rushed manner but written really well, entertaining, intriguing, shocking. I really do love the way Bishop writes!
  • In Murder of Crows Meg starts to take more control over her life, she makes a lot more cuts and speaks a lot more prophecy’s then in Written in Red. She is making the conscious decision to be the owner of her own self and makes life choices accordingly.
  • Bishop uses a lot of different characters POV to convey this story, a lot more then she used in Written in Red. Simon, Meg and Monty are still the three main characters who’s POV we read the most from but we also get to view the story from Henry, The Controller, Jean, Steve Ferryman, Tess, James Gardner, Mr Smith and Phineas Jones. Some of these characters POVs are only used sparingly but some are used to introduce us to new characters I think will make return appearance in the coming novels, like Steve, James and Mr Smith. One thing that did shock me was, although I didn’t count and can’t be positive but I think we read more from Monty’s POV then we did Meg which I thought was a bit strange.
  • Out of the things that are noteworthy about Murder of Crows I think the introduction on Intuits are one of the most important. Intuits are a lot like cassandra sangue in a lot of way yet still so different.

 “They are humans who have a sense of the world the rest of you lack, an ability to feel what is around them and recognize danger or opportunity before it is obvious. They were often killed because other humans believed such an ability must be evil. Even now, they keep to themselves and feel safer living in a city controlled by the terra indigene than they do living in a city controlled by you kind.”

It is believed that maybe cassandra sangue originally evolved from Intuits. I think the Intuits are going to play an important role in the upcoming books.

If Written in Red was the beginning of this massive amazing story, Murder of Crows is the start of the bulk middle, where the bad guys are scarier and more twisted, where Meg is starting to own herself as an individual who makes her own choices about her body, where Others and humans are just starting to see that it may be possible to live in harmony and feelings that are going to lead to an epic romance are starting to develop.



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