Month in Review: January 2015

month in review

Books I’ve read this month:

12339830127701501575436615785263187588271734155015711341 (1)

Goodreads reading challenge progress: 7/52 (13%)

Favourite book of the month: Written in Red (The Others #1) by Anne Bishop. Pure, uncensored, fangirling!

Any disappointing books?  Pretty much every Cambion book but Have No Mercy (Cambion #4) by Shannon Dermott was the worst. I really struggled to finish it.

Books I’ve added to my tbr this month: I have added, no joke, literally 133 new books to my TBR this month. That’s like a year and a half / two years worth of reading. Do you ever think about all the books you are never going to get to?? But here are 5 I added which I am really really really looking forward to reading…


Okay there’s six but you try narrowing down 133 books into 5!

Any progress on your 2015 reading goalsI crossed off rereading the Cambion series. Even though I honestly feel like that was a waste of time I could have been reading a couple of my 133 new tbrs. And I’ve brought some physical books so progress – Yeah!

Other Blog things: I started doing Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday and Friday Finds this month. It is such a blast I love seeing what everyone else is waiting on, or has found (it’s the reason my tbr has grown so huge!).

Updates about my life: 

So I’m still on my holiday break for about another month and then I have to go back to school. I still haven’t checked my schedule and what books and things I’m going to need, buts that’s me just procrastinating (whats new?). It is currently the worst summer I think I have ever had, the fact that I even have to call it summer is annoying. The weather over the last two weeks hasn’t reached over 25 degrees and considering by this time we’re usually experiencing 35+ degree days every day I’m pretty disappointed. But since I’m on break I’m spending a lot of time at my parents (who live on the beach) the plan was to turn golden brown while baking on the beach reading, but instead I’ve mostly just been reading in doors and not having to cook my own meals (literally the best part about staying with your parents).

The other day I decided I would re paint my old bookcase so I’ve started that, I’m hoping my lackluster painting skills wont make it look to bad. I went to the tennis the other week saw Seppi and Federer play, it honestly felt like me and my friend were the only ones cheering for Seppi in the entire stadium, it was a little bit daunting to cheer when everyone around you is scowling. But other then that I haven’t been doing anything out of the ordinary, spending summer and my break with family and friends and just doing normal things.

How was everyone else month??


About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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