Trust Me, I’m Lying (Trust Me #1) by Mary Elizabeth Summer

17341550 3.55 starsI’m not usually a fan of mystery’s yet Trust Me, I’m Lying had me entertained from beginning to end. There was intrigue and plot twists and overall it was a really great book. This book wasn’t just the teen chick lit I was expecting either, I was completely surprised and shocked at certain parts. After one practically shocking twist I was amazed that Summer took such a huge gamble with that her readers would still be interested in finding out how the story finished and reading the sequel after doing something so ballsy! Of course I love that she took such a gamble and I plan to read Trust Me, I’m Trouble more for the want to know what she does about this than because I’m interested in continuing to read about Julep Dupree’s world (even though I am interested). 9dCYReY Julep is a grafter (a con artist) who does small time cons for the money to pay for her tuition into the best private school in Chicago. Her dad taught her everything she knows and she knows a lot about twisting situations so they come out in a favourable light for herself or her clients. Julep, is the kind of character I love, she is witty and adventurous. Some of the things Summer wrote Julep to say had me wanting to take note and use them in real life. Summer’s writing is very entertaining and engaging I didn’t feel bored at all throughout this book. I got a very strong Charlies Angels cross with Ally Carters Heist Society vibe when reading this book and I loved it! tumblr_mfyqz0Q7ue1s03bxco1_500_large The romance between Julep and Tyler is very understated in Trust Me, I’m Lying yet I know it’s supposed to make me swoon and fall in love with Tyler. I just didn’t connect with Tyler’s character that way, I thought he was great but, I don’t know… I guess from the writing I got more of a friendly vibe then a romantic vibe. Maybe that’s because in Trust Me, I’m Lying they were just newly dating and the feelings hadn’t yet deepened. I really like pretty much all the side characters as well everyone felt like a genuine character and not undeveloped and unnecessary. Mike and Dani where my favourite though. When the plot twist happens with Mike I was about ready to climb through the book and kick some serious ass! (Without ruining anything) I love how at the end of the book we find out how Mike hasn’t left Julep all alone and that he stepped up to such a responsibility. It made me like him 100% more. gif youre awesome I also love a bad girl gone good and what’s more bad then an ex-enforcer for the mob and what’s more good then jumping in front of a gun for Julep?? Dani is awesome!! Summer should write a snip off series about Dani!! Let’s get this started! By the end of the book Dani is like a guardian angel to Julep living in the grey between good and bad. I hope she’s a predominant character in Trust Me, I’m Trouble. Overall, I really enjoyed this book! It was entertaining and intriguing and surpassed my expectations. There were plenty of out of nowhere plot twists and Summer took some serious leaps of faith that her readers will be interested to come back for more after doing something so crazy. I’ll definitely be reading Trust Me, I’m Trouble when it’s released in October.


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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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