Have No Mercy (Cambion #4) by Shannon Dermott


Will contain spoilers from the previous books in the series.

Wow. That was disappointing. I usually just don’t finish books I don’t like but I wanted to know how the series ended (btw SURPRISE it isn’t the end of the series). This book was shit-tastic! The only reason it’s getting 1 ½  stars is because there was a period of about 25% in the middle which I thought was really well done. The rest however…giphy (7)

I seriously don’t understand! Angel of Mercy was so flipping good and then this way-below-average hot mess. And do you want to know what confuses me the most… this book has a 4.08 average rating on goodreads and there are tons of 5 star ratings. Did we read the same book?????? Did somehow I get a different copy to the rest of you? Like I got the first draft, before it’d been completely rewritten!!? I just don’t get how people could have read the same book I did and say they thought it was flawlessly amazing?

Okay well now that I have my hate rant over I suppose I should give you some reasons why this book sucked so much:

  • Since when are the Cambion books Fey books? Since the second last book in the series apparently. Dermott must have been like, hey I’m kind of over the usual stuff I’m going to make the ENTIRE book a Fey novel. Chuck in some Queen Mab, some Queen Titiana through in some twisted truths and Wallah you have a Fey book where one didn’t exist!! And do you know what annoys me more than Dermott making this book a Fey book? The fact that I’m like 80% sure that Fey aren’t going to be in the next book.

giphy (8)

  • It has the most rushed ending ever. My theory is that Dermott realised that she probably had about 100 more pages to go before she had had to seriously start cutting stuff so she was like well I better start rounding out storylines now. And BOOM that’s what happened one after another a rushed storyline was finished. It was the most frustrating thing to read. There were so many things happening in the book so when she started to finish everything off it was the most obvious thing in the world! It really was. I hated it and it just turned my overall annoyance at the book over the edge. Oh especially the way she tied up the killing Sebastian at the end of Angel of Mercy storyline. OMG ARGHHH !!!!


  • Storylines from the end of Angel of Mercy were not even addressed. Things like Mercy having a prophecy and that she had that power that drew upon heaven and hell from the end of Angel of Mercy. Why weren’t these things mentioned Dermott? Why weren’t they expanded on and explored to learn more about them? How come you didn’t do that and instead decided to write a Fey book! Other things like Mercys’ mum and David were fighting at the end of Angel of Mercy but they’re happy again in Have No Mercy, like how? Why bring in these storylines if you don’t plan to do anything with them?


  • All the new characters. Seven new characters are introduced in Have No Mercy and all except two I hated. And not hated in I love to hate them or they’re interesting to hate kind of way but in an ohmygod you are so annoying please fuck off kind of way. And Dermott has the time to bring in six new characters but she only had a sentence or two to mention main characters who have been around from the start like Paul, Brent and Tom. (Although I think the next book will be the opposite way around and be all about Tom and Brent and Dermott won’t mention any of the Fey characters).
  • Is this a book or a day time soap? Mercy loves Luke, wait she means Flynn, wait it’s always been Luke, but she always wanted it to be Flynn. And we’ll chuck in an extra guy for shits and gigs and then Bam he isn’t who he say he is but he loves her and Flynn and I can’t be together but Oh how we want to! I just can’t handle it at this point. She and Flynn are going to end up together and I’m sick of herself made drama. Plus she’s meant to have grown up and matured but the Mercy I’m reading now is 30 times more annoying then she ever was at the start.
  • All the spelling and proof reading mistakes! There were a lot of these in Beg for Mercy and Waiting for Mercy but they went away in Angel of Mercy so I thought they were gone for good. I was wrong. There back and they’re as bad as ever.


Now I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I will be reading the next book for three reasons:

  • It’s the last in the series and I don’t want to leave the series unfinished. Plus who knows maybe it’ll be like Angel for Mercy and be really good.
  • A small amount of this book was actually good. The bits between Flynn and Mercy and the alternative universe dream bits, I really enjoyed reading.
  • The very last sentence of the book. Does it mean what I think it means??

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