Angel of Mercy (Cambion #3) by Shannon Dermott

15785263Will contain spoilers from the previous books in the series.

I don’t even know where to start!! So much, I mean SO much happens in this book. This is by far the best book in the series! It had me hooked from the start and I really can’t find fault in it. If I wrote a dot point on every noteworthy thing that happened in this book this review will be 3000 words long so I’m just going to write about the truly crazy and amazing moments and hope I don’t give too much away.

  • Luke has changed. Since Luke was
    damned due to his and Mercy relationship he has changed. It’s like h3.55 starse has a shorter fuse and once he feels like Mercy has done something wrong he would like say nasty things and make her feel shit about herself. It was honestly pissing me off!! And then he’d change and be his sweet usual self – it’s was like Mercy is in a toxic relationship with all his up and downs and Mercy just hanging around trying not to set him off.


  • Mercy has a prophecy. So I thought this was really weird to wait till the third book to introduce this huge crazy important prophecy but as the book goes on and you learn little bits and pieces about Mercy, her mother and her grandfather the reason the prophecy was kept a secret is better understood.
  • There are so many demon hunters in this book. You learn a lot about the demon hunters in Angel of Mercy, why they’re after Mercy, why they believe they’re on some divine mission. There is also quite a number of fights in this book because of the demon hunters and we get to see Mercy stop hiding behind all her guys and start defending and looking after herself.


  • Learn more about Sabastian. You finally find out why Sabastian is hanging around it’s a lot more self-serving then him just being in love with her. Although there is that as well.
  • Flynn and Mercy sitting in a tree. A lot of amazing, heartbreaking, gobsmacking things happen between these two in Angel of Mercy. I personally loved all of it but Mercy didn’t make it easy! I know you’re going to end up with him Mercy just let it happen and stop breaking his heart!!!


  • Sara is back. In my last review on No Mercy I liked Sara. I thought she was awesome and was going to become a positive influence in the coming novels. I now retract that statement, I hate the bitch.
  • The last 8% or so of the book. It was just one thing after another. Bullets straight to the feels. It was truly emotional torment. At the worst part I threw my kindle across the room because I just couldn’t deal with that. Dermott, ohmygod you’re like trying to kill me. You finished the last book on such a horrible cliff hanger and this one is so much worse. Seriously it was horrible. I knew something like this had to happen in order for the series to end in the next book without to many loose ends but I thought it was going to go a completely different direction so that us reader’s hearts didn’t get entirely mutilated. I suppose I was wrong.


This book was amazing and I’m so happy about that because I’ve been a tad disappointed in the previous books. I am so nervous to find out how the story is going to progress in Have No Mercy after that ending. I’m scared that Mercy’s going to be irreversibly changed after that and she’s going to be all dark and not nice to read from. I’m going to go read it now. *Fingers crossed* That Dermott managers to give Mercy a happily ever after, after such a shocking ending.


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