No Mercy (Cambion #2.5) by Shannon Dermott

May contain spoilers from the previous books in the series.15754366

The title doesn’t lie there really is no Mercy in this novella, not physically at least – she is referred to a lot. This novella is from the POV of Flynn and Luke about a year before the first book (Beg for Mercy) is set. So really this should be #0.5 in the series but as Dermott explains in her Author’s Note critical information about certain characters, like Luke being an angel or Flynn being an incubus, which you don’t know at the start of Beg for Mercy would be spoiled if people where to read No Mercy before Beg for Mercy and Waiting for Mercy.

So, I absolutely LOVED that we get to find out that both Flynn and Luke had been admiring and wanting to be with Mercy long before they were even ostar-four-11-jpgn Mercy’s raider. You also find out that it was Flynn who was interested in her first and Luke tried to make Flynn go for it but Flynn thought it could never work because he was under the impression Mercy was human. When I released Flynn and Mercy could have happily been together this whole time if Flynn just went for it I was thoroughly annoyed at him.


In No Mercy you also get to find out that Flynn came into his incubus ways when he was still in junior high (which I’m not really sure what age that would make him since we don’t have that here in Australia but I think that would mean he was 13-14 right?) which is so incredibly young for him to have to start feeding. I just kind of felt for him when you find that out cause to me it was like the incubus part of him stole a lot of his younger years. And you also find out a lot more about Luke and his problems with his father and how he dealed with that before meeting Mercy.


The twins Adriana and Adelina also make an appearance in No Mercy and you are able to learn a lot more about them. Jesus, Adelina is a bitch. I’m a twin and believe me if my sister treated or spoke to me the way Adelina does to Adriana I would feel so betrayed and hurt. Like literally this one certain thing happened, which I’m guessing was included in novella because it’s going to be brought up in future novels, which is going to destroy Adriana. I actually hate her on principle alone, there’s a code when you’re a twin and that bitch spat on it more than once in such a short novella. While on the other hand Adriana is such a sweetheart! I get the feeling she’s going to have heart broken by Flynn in the coming novels and the thought makes me anxious.

There is a new character introduced in No Mercy, her name is Seroff or Sara and she is a sexy, fun, excentric, mysterious demon. I’m going to make a prediction now. I don’t know how the series ends so I’m not spoiling anything it’s honestly just a theory… I reckon Sara, who I’m assuming comes back into the books in Angel of Mercy (#3) and Have No Mercy (#4), is going to come between Luke and Mercy somehow, because Luke felt an instant connection to her, and then they’re going to break up (I think, probably, mutually) and that’s how Flynn and Mercy are going to end up together without it ruining Flynn and Luke’s friendship. I really think I may be psychic. Sara is actually a boss and I want more of her it’ll be awesome!


So I actually really liked No Mercy it’s my favourite in the series so far, which I don’t know if that says more about the previous novels or about this one. I want more Flynn and Luke POV in the next books but I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting them. Okay, I’m going to go read Angel of Mercy now


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