Waiting for Mercy (Cambion #2) by Shannon Dermott


So as I said in my Beg for Mercy review, I’ve read these books before but ohmygod I totally forgot that that was how it ended!!! I honestly have no clue what’s going to happen next and I’m so excited and anxious to go read Angel of Mercy.

I feel like whenever I reread a book I pick up on all these flaws that I would have sworn weren’t in it the first time I read it. Now I’m stuck knowing this book I think is the bomb may just be a flop with an intriguing storyline. Like maybe I only like it because of small details and without those details maybe I wouldn’t like the book at all???


SO that’s the pickle I’m currently in! I know I really liked this book but when I think about the things to mention in my review there’s almost as many negatives as positives. So I’ve decided that I’m saying that I love this book, but that I know it’s pretty average.

So one HUGE greatness of Waiting for Mercy is that there is more Flynn and Mercy stuff!!!


But Dermott I honestly can’t remember how the next book goes and you got me on edge, Will Mercy and Flynn end up together?? Is she just fighting it now out of stubbornness? Or is she telling the straight up truth when she says it’s only ever been Luke?? I CAN’T HANDLE NOT KNOWING!!! There’s this awesome line that Flynn says in Waiting for Mercy which I think sums up the two boys and how different they are perfectly, ‘He laughed but his grip had yet to loosen. “Yeah, that’s right Luke is candy hearts, love sonnets, and roses. I’m edible body lotion and lost panties,” he said disgustingly’. Umm I don’t know why he thinks being the edible body lotion choice is the wrong one??? Seriously the only reason Mercy hasn’t chosen Flynn already is because she doesn’t want to hurt Luke anymore especially after the thing happened – btw

BlakeShock  At that happening. I knew they’ve been saying it was going to happen but I was in denial with Mercy.

In Waiting For Mercy you also learn a whole heap more about Sebastian, why he’s here, why he’s interested in Mercy, who he is, you even learn his real name. Now after the ending of the book I’m on the fence about whether or not I still like Sebastian, while I was reading this certain part I was wanting Mercy to walk right up to him and punch him. What he did was hella awful, but at the same time I understand he probably didn’t have a choice and obviously he didn’t want to.

There is a lot more Mckayla moments in the books as well. Which I LOVE! Mckayla is a boss ass bitch I don’t care if literally everyone in the books hates her.


So just a couple of negatives about Waiting for Mercy…

  • The main storyline of Mercy not understanding who she is and wanting to learn about it and how to control it literally doesn’t progress at all until the last 10% of the novel. Which is just plain stupid in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong a lot happens in the book so you’re never bored but that core storyline doesn’t move. And then you get a whole heap of information all at once.
  • So I always feel awkward bringing up an author’s gramma and punctuation mistakes because God knows I’m horrible at that stuff. I don’t know if this has been rectified since I brought my kindle copy almost three years ago now, but there are a lot of, not even gramma or punctuation mistakes, just added words. Like it hadn’t been proof read. I have a couple of examples, “You won’t” I countered. “You just like my mother.” And “Directly across from us, Jay and Kathy say like two halves of a whole.” And “This time flames leaped from my eyes while flames leaped from my eyes headed to Flynn..” That ones probably the worst one. The thing is I’m awful at this stuff and if I can pick them out they have to be pretty noticeable.

This bits going to be a spoiler so if that’s going to bother you, just don’t read it.

  • By the end of this book there is not one character left who is still human. Now I can’t be the only one who’s like umm what the fuck? Dermott I really think you should have left some of the characters human, if mythical creatures are meant to be living among us in secret I doubt every popular kid at school would be one. Oh I lie! I just remembered that Amber and Amanda are still human. But they don’t even matter really. It just kind of annoyed me and had me rolling my eyes.

A lot happened in Waiting for Mercy and it’s got me pumped to go read Angel of Mercy. But in my head these books have always been amazing and flawless but after rereading them I’ve started to realise that although they have an amazing storyline and concept maybe the follow through of turning this awesome idea into a great read is a bit rocky.



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  1. […] The title doesn’t lie there really is no Mercy in this novella, not physically at least – she is referred to a lot. This novella is from the POV of Flynn and Luke about a year before the first book (Beg for Mercy) is set. So really this should be #0.5 in the series but as Dermott explains in her Author’s Note critical information about certain characters, like Luke being an angel or Flynn being an incubus, which you don’t know at the start of Beg for Mercy would be spoiled if people where to read No Mercy before Beg for Mercy and Waiting for Mercy. […]


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