Beg for Mercy (Cambion #1) by Shannon Dermott




So this isn’t the first time I’ve read this book. In fact the Cambion series is one of my favourite series, it just incorporates all my favourite things in one book – mythical creatures, multiple love interests and angst. What can I say? I am a cliché, I’ll admit it. But since the fourth in the series was just released last month I thought I’d go back and re-read and review the first three books and novella as if it’s the first time I’m reading them. And I gotta say I don’t know if it’s because my tastes in books has changed or I’ve become more picky or what but this book wasn’t as flawless and amazing as I remember it being (don’t get me wrong I still class it as one of my favourite series).

Things I loved…

  • Mercy is a succubus. I love books, shows and movies about succubi. I think is so cool that they live off a life source that can only be tapped into though kissing or sex. It makes for great entertainment. I also love that Mercy is only a half succubus, and so was never taught how to be with a guy in anyway without killing him – it’s so angsty haha


  • All four boys. I am well aware it is the teenage girl in me who finds the idea of four hot guys being in love and fighting over a girl amazing but I just can’t help but turn to mush because of it. Luke is like a tall glass of water (that saying has never made sense to me in my entire life until right now). He’s like a refreshing, uplifting, positive boyfriend who loves our Mercy and isn’t all brooding all the time. Flynn, oh Flynn, what a beautiful man you are. I have been on team Flynn since the first time I read this book like three years ago. Flynn is perfect for Mercy! He’s the caring supportive bad boy who would kill anyone for Mercy. Sebastian, is like my ideal book boyfriend he’s a legit demon but will be good for Mercy agghhhh!!! He’s my fav but I know it won’t be him she ends up with in the end. And Paul, I gotta admit Paul isn’t really on my (or Mercy’s) raider. I guess it’s because he’s the only human and therefore not as awesome (at least in my eyes) as the others. He’s the hot dorky best friend that wants to be more. OKAY now do you understand why I want to be in her situation!!! Keep in mind she gets to kiss every one of these boys at least once in this book!!!! Ah book bitch is living my dream!


  • It’s suspenseful. Keep in mind this has to be like the third time I’ve read this book and even though I of course knew what was going to happen it still made me nervous. Dermott writes this book in a way that doesn’t leave you with a whole bunch of clues, so although you may have theories along the way I guarantee they’ll change so many times you’ll never get it right – I remember I had no idea the first time I read it.
  • The definition at the start of every chapter. So I’m not going to lie my vocabulary is pretty limited despite all the reading I do and its always a goal I of mine to learn new words and be able to successfully use them in conversation. So that Dermott uses a definition at the start of all her chapters is awesome to me. I may forget what the word means and how to pronounce it by half way through the chapter but one of these words is bound to stick.
  • It’s not an annoying high school book. I don’t have to sit through reading about all the stuff she learnt through her classes!!!! OMG seriously!! I finished school I’ve already studied Shakespeare and trig and world history! I don’t need to nor not-even-a-little-bit want to relearn any of the stuff so why do some authors feel a need to dedicate part of their story’s to reteaching us stuff. I actually worship at Dermott’s feet the way she writes Mercy in school, it’s her and her friends at lunch, before school, afterschool, and a little bit walking to class so all the stuff you want to read about. And if you were to add up all pages Dermott spent of her book with her characters at school it probably be around 50 out of a 473 page book – so practically nothing.
  • It’s a long book. I LOVE LONG BOOKS!!!!! I am such a fast reader that to find a long book, where the storyline keeps progressing in an entertaining way is like a little present from the book gods. I don’t remember if the others in the series are this long but I hope so.

Things that kind of annoyed me…

  • Mercy’s mum. Okay just because you didn’t want your daughter to mess around with guys you refused to teach her anything about dealing with being a succubus, so if she did try and mess around with a guy you practically set her up to kill them. Clap Clap brilliant parenting. I actually hated this!! And then mercy would just forgive her again and again even though it was making her nervous to be around the guy she loved, or that she been separate from her succubus for so long it had become a different individual inside her making her more dangerous. It was just really annoying and arghh I just don’t like that character even though I know I’m supposed to.


  • It was kind of really immature at times. So at one point in the book Mercy has like half a bottle of beer and it must have been magic beer because then she is wastey pants. See this scene was just dumb to me, even if a thirteen year old is reading this book they know it takes more than half a beer for someone to get tipsy let alone full blown drunk. Also the whole elite thing. The idea that there’s a group of friends in school and everyone else just worships at their feet and refers to them as The Elite is so afterschool special. And then Mercy would be so proud to be part of the Elites and felt sorry for people that weren’t, it was irritating.
  • It is like a hard fact she is going to end up with Flynn in the end why does she need to date Luke for so long. Sometime this doesn’t annoy me, sometimes I don’t mind waiting for the two characters to be together because I like when they build an emotional connection before anything actually happens but that isn’t the case in Beg for Mercy. Mercy acts like she barely like Flynn when I know that she really wants to be with him plus since she STILL says he’s the most attractive guy in the book even before her boyfriend, and she gets upset whenever she sees him with a girl THEY ARE GOING TO END UP TOGETHER IN THE END CANT IT JUST HAPPEN STRAIGHT AWAY!!!!
  • Mercy cheats on Luke a couple of times and he just keeps forgiving her. Like what the fuck man? Why? He even apologises a couple of time, like he’s the one in the wrong. Because the book’s from Mercy’s perspective alone we as the reader feel like she done nothing to bad, but me as an individual is like ohmygod break up with her!!


All in all I really love this book and although rereading it with a fresh outlook pointed out something’s about it that really bother me I’m not about to stop reading the series and it still makes it into my favourite series list.


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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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