Thunderlight (The Dragonian Series #2) by Adrienne Woods


Before I start just a short personal message to Miss Woods,

WHY ADRIENNE??? WHY???? What have we done to make you hate us? Why would you do this to us? And the worst part is I can’t even say what it is cause I don’t want to ruin this huge plot twist that just COMES OUT OF NOWHERE. You played with my feelings cause as soon as you destroy me you, you make me ecstatically happy with a different huge out of nowhere plot twist. It’s like being in a toxic relationship. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to trust you again. You’ll have to come back with one hell of an amazing third book full of Elena and Blake love to make this up to me.

Sincerely, a distraught reader

Back to my review…

I want to live in Woods’ head, because if I lived in her head I’d know what her plan was for The Dragonian series instead of this incessant waiting. Seriously to know I have to wait what? 6 to 12 months for the next book upsets me.


I wasn’t playing up there ^^^ Woods really does take you on a horrible emotional rollercoaster, you’re intrigued, and excited, then you’re worried, then frightened, then happy and in love then upset and worried again and the BAM you’re upside down and you feel like your stomach just feel out your head and you’re going to be sick then BAM while you still feel sick you start to laugh because something amazing just happened even tho you know what happened before that was THE WORST. The rollercoaster then slows to a stop and you’re left just emotionally wrecked.

So a hell of a lot happens in Thunderlight, majority of which I can’t say because I refuse to spoil anything. But what I can say is that it is amazing! It doesn’t suffer from second book syndrome, it out shines the first book outragesly and that’s saying something from me because I really really really liked the first book. As I progressed through Thunderlight I kept getting the feeling that I was reading a sort of Harry Potter book (only better) – which is awesome!!!  Like they go to a magical school in a castle, they have the Warbel Games (which is when I started to get the HP vibes), there’s a hippogriff and Elena is sort of like the chosen one because of her prophecy (and other things) only Thunderlight is better than HP [don’t hate me for saying that] I just like that The Dragonian books are about dragons and they have a central theme of romance and just amazingness.

Okay so still no Elena and Blake love. Bummer. But it’s okay because with the shitastic-emotionally-ruining ending I have a pretty good idea of how things may progress in Frostbite. Blake is as broody and insanely attracted as usually. Lucian is his prince charming self only so much better!! I liked him so much more in Thunderlight then in Firebolt. Now Paul. At first I was on the fence about Paul, the new wyvern, I didn’t really know what a wyvern was or if they were good or bad (which you learn about in the book) but in the end I’d decided he was a good guy. I don’t always make good decision. Let’s just leave it at that.


Throughout Thunderlight Elena is getting closer and closer to her ascending and become a much better fighter because of it. The dark in Blake is getting stronger and he starts to do bad things. The same with Blake’s father, Sir Robert, who without a rider anymore since King Alberts death hasn’t been beaten (how you keep the evil parts of being a Chromatic dragon at bay), has started to do bad things as well. You learn a lot about what is happening in Etan.

Overall this book blew me away and I seriously am waiting impatiently for the next one.

May contain spoilers – buts it’s okay though I’ll write in ninja code.

Questions I need answered in Frostbite…

  • After Ucianlay happens how is everyone dealing especially Elena and Blake?
  • So Lenaeay isay ay underlightay THAT’S SO FLIPPING COOL
  • So will Elena and Blake be together yet????
  • Did the evil potion work on ingkay lbertay?
  • Will ualpay come back try to hurt everyone?
  • Are the lementaleay ragonsday okay??? Will Elena get them back because they were the cutest things in the world
  • Will Elena meet her othermay?
  • Will the yvernways release orangay?

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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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