Venom (The Dragonian Series #1.5) by Adrienne Woods



I was so excited to read Venom and it didn’t disappoint. Venom starts off practically where Firebolt ends, in just the last couple of weeks of Elena staying with Becky’s family before it ends right as she goes to stay with Sammy’s family. I think the novella is only 70 pages or so long so it only took me a bit over an hour to read, but that’s all good because I can go straight onto reading Thunderlight!!!

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Even though the novella is short a lot of important information is divulged. Which if I had skipped reading the novella which I have done many times in the past I would miss out on. You learn a lot more about Etan, the capital of Paegeia which was cut off by the creepers, thick root type things that have formed an impetrative wall between Paegeia and Etan back when the King died. These creepers have cut families off from one another without allowing for the knowledge if there alive or not. Without giving anything away, I’ll just say that in Venom we learn some pretty upsetting stuff about Etan and how it effects some of our favourite characters.

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Also in Venom we learn that all is not sunshine and unicorns for Elena and Lucian which on one hand I’m like NOOOOOO but yet on the other I’m sheepishly in the corner happy that there not happy because BLAKE!!!!!! Although Blake is not being the best guy at the moment having loud obnoxious sex with Tabitha even though he knew Elena could hear everything. The Elena and Blake loveathron has started to pick up in Venom which means (*fingerscrossed*) it’ll continue to make progress in Thunderlight.

We’re introduced to a couple new characters in Venom. Becky’s mum, Lucille, seems to have become a bit of a surrogate mother to Elena which I love. And Sammy’s parent’s Isabel and Sir Roberts, who have complicated past I think will continue to weave into the storylines throughout the series. I also grew to like Becky and Sammy more in this novella then I did in Firebolt, they’re starting to feel more real then made up characters.

This is a fantastic little teaser into how awesome Thunderlight is going to be and I can’t wait to read it.


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