Screwdrivered (Cocktail #3) by Alice Clayton



I really loved this book. I cannot tell you how many times I laughed while reading it.

Hysterical-laugh (1)

It was like late at night, house is quite, everyone else is sleeping, and here I am wide awake practically peeing myself at Clayton’s writing. I read Wallbanger, a couple of years ago and I remembered loving the book so I figured why don’t I read one of the sequels. I choose to read Screwdrivered instead of Rusty Nails (the second book) because Rusty Nails was a carry on from Wallbanger and I was having trouble remembering how Wallbanger went, whereas, Screwdrivered although has the two main characters from Wallbanger and Rusty Nails in it can also be read as a standalone novel.

Vivian is the perfect female protagonist. She really, really truly is. Not one part of the character Alice Clayton created was clique (WHICH I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IN A BOOK). I love to feel like I’m meeting a new character with a new personality, and I 100% got that in Viv. I knew this straight away from chapter one where Viv mentions her appearance.

“But what she neglected to mention was the barbell in my left eyebrow. She usually also left out the nose piercing, tongue piercing, and the tattoo at the base of my neck.”

I don’t think I have ever read a book where the female lead has such a bad ass appearance! And I loved that. I also loved Viv’s imagination. Wow if turning an everyday thing into a dramatic over the top romantic scene was an Olympic sport, Viv would get gold. She honestly turns anything into a sex scene in her head. Hay, horses, beaches, bars. Like any little thing that has ever featured in a romance novel that happens to Viv, she turns it into fantasy. When this first started it actually annoyed the hell out of me, reading things like fiery loins is not on my favs list. But then I started to view it as a joke, like a special talent she had to be able to turn any normal situation into a sexcapade, and I started to enjoy her little tangents. Especially when they stopped staring Hank, and started staring Clark.

I want a Clark. Okay can we make that happen??? I’m sure someone, somewhere, has magical powers, and you my future friend can (Read: will (let’s not pretend you have a choice)) make me a Clark!!! Please and thankyou. I don’t actually remember the last time I was ever in a library – I was probably still learning to ride a bike – so I don’t know if sexy male librarians are a real thing (I’m leaning towards a solid no) but I want one. Yes mama. Sign me up. I want a Clark.


You cannot grasp how annoyed I was that Viv was lusting after Hank so hard when she had a Clark!!! Oh btw, it only clicked to me right at the end of the novel, is it supposed to be like a why have superman when you can have the nerdy brilliant  Clark thing?? Or was that just a coincident. Also I would have rather if Clayton, had made Viv and Clark get together earlier in the book or wrote a little but longer at the end cause you only really get two chapters of them actually together, which kind of sucks cause I would have rather read them being cute together for like the whole book. I mean he’s a librarian who’s turned on by someone who looks and acts like Viv, he’s pretty awesome. AND I couldn’t deal with their late night phone calls, Clark is so sweet, and smart, and sexy! I just want a Clark!

I loved this book it was so cute and funny and easy to read. I don’t really have any negatives about this book, you go into it wanting to read a fun light read and that’s what you get and I’m glad! I’m really happy I read this book because now I’m on a personally mission to find a real life Clark (barely kidding). I might go read Mai Tai’d Up (Cocktails #4) which comes out at the start of December when I’m in the mood to laugh and fall in love with some sexy fictional characters.

🙂 🙂


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