Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


3.5 starsSo I’ve kind of been on a fantasy binge this past month and the next book I plan to read is also going to be a fantasy, so I thought, while I have a little break I’ll read a break-your-heart romance. Which how I came to read Ugly Love. And holy shit cow balls it truly was a break-your-heart romance.

I’m always a bit judgemental when it comes to contemporary romances, majority of the time they are 110% predictable with a bad-boy-asshole type and a perfect and/or sarcastic chick. And although those books are fun to read once in a while it can sometimes feel like your reading the same book you’ve read 50 times before with only some minor tweaks. This is what I thought I was getting into with Ugly Love, a love story about a good girl getting into a stupid deal with an asshole guy, her getting hurt, him realising he should have loved her all along and then happily ever after. I am SO SO SO SO happy I was wrong.

So emotion-wise this book can be absolutely rated at like a 4.5 but I just couldn’t do that because the stupid fucking poem versus were ruining everything for me. I shall explain below.

Why the emotion in this book was fantastic…

This book ruined me. Like absolutely destroyed me!


So I read this book in a day – woke up picked up the book, cause I was going to read for like 30 minutes before getting up, and I literally didn’t put the book down all day. I did the whole ‘if I go to sleep now I’ll still get 6/5/4 hours of sleep’ but by this point I only really had a tiny bit left of the book so I just kept going. By the time I was done, I’d left myself with 3 hours of sleep before I had to be up.

And the reason the book had me so tightly was that I was emotionally invested in Tate and Miles. Not necessarily as Tate-and-Miles (as in the couple) but as these two emotional dysfunctional characters.

So I have read reviews where reviewers Hated Tate. I can understand this, usually I wouldn’t be a fan of the type of women she represents. But I personally believe the way Hoover created her makes me as a reader more emphatic instead of judgemental towards her situations. Tate, makes the wrong decision (every single girl who read this book (and some guys too) know without a shadow of a doubt that girl is making a terrible decision) to get into a no strings, sex only, relationship with a guy she already has a kinda crush on. Of course, Tate falls hard and then she’s stuck in this non-relationship, where she knows she deserves way better than what she’s getting, but the idea of ending this non-thing with Miles and just choosing to stop loving him hurts too much to do. I really liked Tate, the emotion Hoover created with Tate beingso nervous and frightened to let her feelings, and thoughts known to Miles – my heart just kept breaking for her. I also liked how Tate would acknowledge the fact she was being a doormat, and she was despising herself for it, might have also made me more tolerable to the character she was. Her loving him, and him not being able to love her back – oh God. The emotion!


Now Miles. Okay I had a huge problem with Miles chapters but I’ll explain that in the section below and only talk about the fact I was like almost crying by the time I realised what had happened to him. Miles, is a closed off workaholic, who after an absolutely horrifying past, [which just the thought of anyone in real life every having to go through causes every empathic, compassionate part of me to flare up] has decided he will never let himself love again, for the ugly parts of love (the parts of love that takes everything in you and leaves nothing left) are to terrible to ever risk experiencing again. So, Miles verbally saying ‘we have no future’, and ‘It’s only sex’ to Tate while he does things like taking her curtain shopping because she makes a comment about him not having any, or coming to see her before he’s even taken ten seconds to put his stuff away at home first, or kissing the side of her head when nobody is looking! Were very cruel of him, and it makes you sort of hate that you love him along with Tate but the fact that he knows he’s being cruel is what gets to my heart. He knows he’s being unfair yet he can’t image stoping this non-relationship with Tate because of how much he cares (even if he won’t admit it till like right at the end).


Why the writing and me are mortal enemies…

Miles chapters are set back 6 years in the past. Now for starters I’m really not a fan of flash back novels but that isn’t even my problem. My problem is that his chapters are in verse. In aggravating, annoying, centred down the page Verse. I hate verse novels. Like I have no interest in reading them in the slightest and had there been any indication in the synopsis that 40% of the novel was in verse I would not have read it. Granted, now that I have read it I know not reading it would have just been a mistake because I would have missed out on the greatness that was Ugly Love but the verse chapters really really pissed me off. Every time, the verse started I was so annoyed and it would take me a page or two into the chapter to let my annoyance go. The verse wasn’t even necessary, I swear Hoover could have just taking the exact same content and made it a normal chapter. I will admit to having extremely limited knowledge on what makes good poetry, but I swear to me it wasn’t even poetry just a story centred down the page with parts in bold and italics. AND just to pee me off more, It. Did. Not. Say. Once. In. The. Entire. Novel. That. Miles. Liked/Read. Poetry!!!!!!! SO WHY WOULD HE BE THINKING IN POETRY!!!!!! I understand it was meant to express his intense emotions but Hoover could have done that normally.


Okay now that I’m done ranting. So, for the plot and the emotion I would have given this novel a 4.5 stars but because of the stupid verse I’m only going to give it 3.5. This is an amazing story though. If you can do like me and just pretend the verse doesn’t exist, or maybe you like verse, you’ll really not regret reading this. It might have been because I was extremely tired but I almost even cried once or twice (which I never do).

🙂 🙂


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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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