Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle #3) by Maggie Stiefvater



Will contain spoilers from the previous two books. Sorry not sorry.  

THIS BOOK. This Amazing Fantastic Book bet all my expectations!! And trust me I had high expectations. Like, sky high and Blue Lily topped them. This is by far the best book in the series (so far) and I had thought that it wouldn’t matter how good Stiefvater made the sequels none of them where going to beat The Raven Boys yet Blue Lily blew it out of the water.


So drum roll please… here is a list of reasons Blue Lily can only be described as incredible:

  1. The Boys and Blue

This entire series is first and foremost a book about five different people being the most important things in each other’s life, and Blue Lily, Lily Blue is no different. I read these books for Blue, and Gansey, and Adam, and Ronan, and Noah – I don’t read these books for the ley lines or for Glendower or Cadeswater (not that I don’t absolutely love all of those parts of the books) I read them to know how these amazing characters are going.

Throughout the book, at one point or another, all the Boys and Blue have a feeling of being lonely and separate from the group. Adam, with his amazing new power. Ronan, by trying to find a way to wake his dads dream things. Noah, well, because his situation hasn’t changed. Gansey, because even though he is the glue that holds them all together, he never feels deserving enough. And Blue, who’s missing her mother and is the only girl and has big dreams she might never get to pursue. But even though they all have this feeling their friendship is stronger than ever. Even Ronan and Blue – who we know are friends but aren’t the closest in the group – are tighter in this book. And Adam lets go of his ‘letting-my-friends-help-me-is-weakness’ attitude.

“But what she didn’t realise about Blue and her boys was that they were all in love with one another. She was no less obsessed with them than they were with her, or one another, analysing every conversation and gesture, drawing out every joke into a longer and longer running gag, spending each moment either with one another or thinking about when next they would be with one another. Blue was perfectly aware that it was possible to have a friendship that wasn’t all-encompassing, that wasn’t blinding, deafening, maddening, quickening. It was just that now that she’d had this kind, she didn’t want the other.”


Also something that is new with our favs THEY ALL HAVE POWERS NOW!!!!! Okay, Noah doesn’t have powers but I think the fact that he is still alive is power enough. So, it like Gansey is the king of their little group and he has his three magical knights to defend him. Ronan, because he’s a kickass Greywarren, who Cadeswater loves and will always protect. Adam, my man! So Dream Thieves ended with Adam becoming this mystical Magician, and in Blue Lily you get to find out what that actually means – Our boy, has powers!!! When in need Adam can make things happen! Woop-Woop! (I won’t give examples cause I don’t want to ruin anything, but yeah it’s pretty flipping cool!). And Blue, our main gal, first we find out the suspected reason behind why she was named Blue (her aura is blue – as you can imagine she wasn’t impressed with this, comparing it to calling a fluffy dog Fluffy) and then we find out that having a blue aura actually means she can use mirror magic! I was so happy about this, it’s just another way that Blue is even more awesome!!! And Gansey, okay we’ve always known he’s pretty king-like but some things happen to do with Gansey using his commanding voice (which I refuse to spoil) that had me like Oh.My.God.

  1. Gansey + Blue = I JUST CANT HANDLE IT AKLSDFHBKJ HFK!!!!!!!

Okay so things are finally happening with these two!!!!!!! I swear I can’t be alone in my ecstaticness for these two having moments together??! The way that Gansey feels both guilty and thrilled by his interactions with Blue make my heart hurt.


I want them to be together without the stupid curse lingering over their heads or them being scared of hurting Adams feelings (which if they opened their eyes they’d see he wouldn’t even mind!!!). Everything just tries to stand in their way and I want to personally move it for them. I also need Gansey to stop being so negative towards himself, he brings me down every time he hates on himself!!  There is still no kiss in this book, not that I was really expecting it, I know that Stiefvater would be saving that and the whole breaking the curse till the last book. There may not be kissing but there is hand holding, which sounds so tame but the way you’re emotional invested in these characters makes your heart ache, and there are nightly phone calls and talks about wanting to kiss. ITS ALL HAPPENING PEOPLE!!!! I can’t wait for the next and finale book where I know they’ll finally get to be a couple!

  1. Adam and Ronan – ah hells yes

Umm Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!!! Okay so it becomes obvious that Ronan is having thoughts and feelings that exceed friendship towards Adam in this book, and Adam (knowing this) likes that Ronan, who he views as could have anyone, thinks Adam is “worthy” enough to have a crush on. Adam and Ronan, being Cadeswater’s favourites are together a lot throughout the book and Adam really starts to realise that Ronan that is so much more then he has let them all think he is. I LOVE IT. I can’t wait till things really start to happen. I reckon their first kiss will make my heart melt BUT I HAVE TO WAIT TILL THE NEXT BOOK FOR IT. OHMYGOD NO. They are going to make a great couple though, them being together will make Gansey and Blue being together less couplely and weird (if they ever become a couple – GOD!!) when they hang out in groups. I can’t wait for them to be together.


  1. The three sleepers

Oh this whole idea of there being three sleepers is introduced in Blue Lily. One light, one dark, and one in between. One of them is to be woken (which is Glendower), one is in between, and one is to be left alone. *Spoilers* In Blue Lily, the gang actually meet two of the sleepers: the in between one, Gwenllian, who is pretty much bonkers, not to mention hates her father (Glendower), but she does help out the gang, so I suppose she’s okay. But the whole scene with her tomb is hella scary! Actually made me uncomfortable. And the third sleeper, who they don’t actually meet but things happen (and that is all I’m saying about that). This new idea that Glendower isn’t the only one asleep on the ley line I really liked made it more interesting, but  you should have seen how excited I got when I thought they’d found Glendower’s tomb only for it to be the Gwenllian’s.

  1. The new characters Stiefvater has introduced

Okay by this point I’m used to Stiefvater bring in new characters each book, but by far Blue Lily, has The Best new characters. There’s Jesse Dittley, who is the definition of a lovable giant. He’s not afraid to hold a gun to protect (not to harm) and him and Blue become friends like straight away – I just love him. Gwenllian who I mentioned above is bat shit crazy. She literally sings 80% of what she says and when she does talk, it’s this babbling nonsense majority of the time.

So I know Greenman is the evil guy and trust me I didn’t like him when he was trying to hurt anyone I liked but the scenes with Greenman and his wife Piper I flipping loved. Oh my god they’re awesome together! It’s been established since the beginning of their relationship they’re never going to love each other anywhere near what they love for themselves but that works for them. Piper is this bitch who isn’t impressed by anything and does her own thing and she’s pretty badass in a bad guy way (she’s awesome). This is honestly what she reminded me of…


Oh and it looks like she’s going to be a permanent character. And best way to describe Greenman would be if an Aglionby boy grew up to want to hunt treasure items but he did it in an evil way with minions and murder – I think that’s a pretty accurate description.

You also get to meet Malory, Gansey’s friend from London who he studies the ley lines with. He’s pretty much what you expect an old man who’s obsessed with the ley lines to be like. You learn a lot about a Gansey before he made Henrietta home, which just shows that Gansey isn’t perfect but makes us love him even more.

You also briefly meet Blue’s dad, Artemus, but we know practically nothing about him yet so I can’t wait to find out more and for Blue to get to know him.

  1. Stiefvater isn’t afraid to break my hearts

Okay first you need to know that when I say this next bit is a spoiler, I don’t just mean it’s a little spoiler, where knowing it only adds to your excitement for reading the book. Once you know this, if you haven’t read the book, you can’t unknow it – you will go into reading the book knowing that this is going to happen the whole time you’re reading and then you’ll either be extra sad or it won’t even shock you, which was Stiefvater’s whole point – to break your heart and shock you.

I actually don’t think I’m going to say what it is. I know without a shadow of a doubt if I read that ^ I would still read the spoiler even though I’s been warned because It’s like telling someone ‘don’t look now’ you can’t help it and will just look and I’d be pissed at myself for ruining this huge part of the book.

So just know that Stiefvater broke my heart in this book and I part hate her for it and I part love her for not being scared to do something so big. But nothing like this better happen ever again! Or you’ll ruin me Stiefvater.


  1. Pretty much 80% of my questions have been answered

So when The Dream Thieves finished 8 billion questions we’re raised and Thank You Grill Cheesus [Do you know what’s that off??? Ahh gets me everytime] that the majority of my questions were answered! Otherwise I would be one unhappy camper. But this book just raise new questions –  Stiefvater, she definitely knows how to keep me wanting more!


Things I need to know (otherwise I might die, no I’m not exaggerating):

  • Why is Blue’s face on that tapestry??
  • How is Ronan going to be able to make dream things be alive without their creator?
  • How is everyone dealing after The Incident?
  • Can Blue please get to go to that school she wants to go to!?!! That whole scene was breaking my heart!
  • How’s the whole Artemus/Maura/Mr Grey thing going?? That’s gotta be awkward she better tell Artemus bye-bye and be 110% with Mr Grey
  • Calla kept hinting at something previously happening with Blue that had to have the police involved or something like that???? (like when they have no idea where Blue was but she was just at Jesse’s and Calla said “I was this close to calling the police again.” She let the again hang meaningfully.) Okay so unless I’ve missed something along the way, I wanna know what’s the secret!
  • So that’s an annoying cliff hanger. So does that mean Piper gets the favour and Piper only?
  • And Neeve is back WTF? Where has she been hiding?? Like, in that cave? Cause that’s creepy!
  • Umm I really think Neeve and Piper waking the bad sleeper is a horrendous idea – he sounds terrifying.
  • Gansey and Blue – how are they going to be together???
  • Adam and Ronan better be together!!!!
  • I really need Gansey to stop being so down on himself and start realising what an awesome person he is
  • WherE THE FUCK IS GLENDOWER we have found the secret cave, the other two sleepers, everybody has their magic all that’s missing is any sign of Glendower
  • Will Artemus lead them to Glendower?
  • Are Blue and Artemus bonding??
  • Since it’s the last book will we see them all graduate and go off and do the things they’ve been dreaming of doing (mainly Adam and Blue)???
  • Oh and I wanna know what the 4th book is called!!! (I think it’s a bad sign that there’s not even a name I’m going to be waiting till like 2016 aren’t I)


So I’ll just be here impatiently waiting for the finale book (I don’t really like that it’ll be the last book in the series, that’s so final). Everyone should read this book. Seriously!


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