The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle #2) by Maggie Stiefvater



This review will 110% contain spoilers from The Raven Boys.

I know from reviews and such that majority of people find the The Dream Thieves to be even better than The Raven Boys, but that isn’t how I felt. Don’t get me wrong I really really liked it, it just felt too much like a second novel – like, I felt like it didn’t have a definite beginning and a definite end. Okay, best way to describe it, it felt like “……. (amazing story) …….” Did that make sense???? If you read all The Raven Cycle books as one huge novel The Dream Thieves would be chapters 10 – 20 when there are 40 chapters. Get it now? By the end of Dream Thieves six questions were answered 30 more were raised. Dream Thieves was really bloody good but it didn’t trump The Raven Boys.

Soo… I’m not going to lie, I was expecting a totally different book when I started reading The Dream Thieves. I was expecting a book more central to Gansey and Blue, and although they blossoming romance is still predominate, I would definitely say the central plot of The Dream Thieves circles around Ronan.

And wow! Ronan!!! Okay, so I liked Ronan in The Raven Boys, but in a way we all like a bad boy asshole, but through this book getting to learn his backstory and all about being a Greywaran I just grew to love him – btw can I please be a Greywaren???


Can you actually image how awesome that would be to be able to create anything in a dream and then be able to take it out!!! Like, honestly, please. Whatever God exists, that’s what I what to come back as, maybe one that can shapeshift into a dragon – omg please. And the book title makes so much more sense once you know what Ronan is.

*Spoiler* And okay I gotta ask, I got really confused at one point, did Ronan admit to having feelings feelings towards, Gansey and Kavinsky??? Or did I just totally miss read that. I guess I’ll find out more in Blue Lily, Lily Blue – I really flippin hope he does.

So I’m not going to lie, although Ronan was pretty awesome, I did grow a little tired of reading from his POV so much more than any other character in this book. I wanted more Blue and Gansey – is that so bad? I did think their relationship would have moved along further then it had by the time Dream Thieves finished – but the bit that it did increase had me like


It’s okay though cause Blue Lily, Lily Blue come out like today or tomorrow – I’m pretty sure – and I have high hopes for where Blue and Gansey will be by the end of the book. I love when romances build slowly it makes me as a reader emotionally connect with the characters, but they seriously need to move along. I am emotionally invested in their lives and them not being together but having feelings for each other is breaking my heart!!

Adam’s a tad different in The Dream Thieves isn’t he????? Boy opens the ley lines and suddenly has a whole lot of attitude. I was like ‘jump back!’ the first time he went iffy – I loved Adam in The Raven Boys, I loved how much he would do anything for Gansey and how much he liked Blue and then to see him be so nasty to Gansey and Blue in this novel kind of made me question my love for Adam. But all works out in the end of course and I’m sure Adam’s going to be back to his amazballs self in Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

Okay, I had no idea how I felt about Mr Grey at first (I knew I just wanted to know what his real name bloody was) but by the end of the book I was team Grey, he was still a little violent to be my fav character but I think he’s a great inclusion. And don’t we just love that Maura gets a guy!!!!

Predictions and questions for Blue Lily, Lily Blue: (*Spoilers*)

  • There was this whole bit in Dream Thieves when they were in Ronan’s family home and Gansey was touching a dream-created Blue Lily, and Ronan notes that, “There was something humble and awed in the way he stood, something grateful and wistful in his face as he gazed at the flower. It was a strangely deferential expression.” So I reckon that’s going to be a metaphor for his feelings towards Blue
  • Gansey + Blue = 5eva (but seriously guys I love a slow building romance but your killing me)
  • A-dog (Adam, obviously) are you like the ley lines guard now? Do you guard it from harm and speak to it??
  • Also, A-dog, umm if you fuck Gansey over, I. Will. Hate. You. – you need to seriously chill with the it’s Me against The World drama
  • What does it mean that Adam is The Magician?
  • Noah, I really wish they could find a way to make you alive for real.
  • Ronan – are you The Raven Boy?? Whatever this mystical title actual means, something to do with Glendower, and Cadeswater???
  • OMG WHERE HAS MAURA GONE? And what is meant by that note???
  • Does that mean the romance between Maura and Mr. Grey is put on pause?
  • What’s going to happen with Mr. Grey’s (ex) boss?

Do You See What I Mean This Book Just Raised 10 Billion Bloody Questions!!!!!!


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  1. Your question: No, he doesn’t have feelings towards Gansey, Kavinsky always teased him about it but at one point Ronan basically admitted that he is gay but doesn’t like Gansey. He is attracted to Adam though, it’s obvious, the way he describes him.

    Also remember in The Raven Boys:
    Ronan: I’m always straight.
    Adam: Oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told.

    There were subtle hints throughout the two books like that one. They just breezed by and nobody noticed, haha.

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