Firebolt (The Dragonian Series #1) by Adrienne Woods



I just need to start this all off with a little fact about me, I love dragons. I Fucking Love Dragons. Like I fucking love dragons to the point that if I get into a conversation with someone about dragons I will actually get a little depressed because I get that worked up about the fact that I can’t own/fly/be a dragon. Okay now that you understand that I resembles this …


around anything to do with dragons, I need to explain I rated this book on four different components separately out of five and then got the average so I could rate this book fairly otherwise it just would have been 5 stars straight up purely for the dragon accept. So here are the ratings with an average of 4.25 Stars which I rounded down to 4 stars…

  • Plot – 5
  • World building – 4.25
  • Characters – 3.75
  • Writing Style – 3.75

Plot – 5 stars

This book blew my bloody mind. The plot is crazy good and literally had me from like, the fourth sentence. I’ll just give you a brief overview of the plot, I would have gone into more detail but I was afraid I’d end up writing a page by page summary. So here you go…

Elena doesn’t know why but her and her father have been on the run, moving every couple of months, her entire life until one day something out of a fairy tale changes her life for forever. With no other options Elena is forced to attend Dragonia Academy, an Academy for Dragons – who have two forms, their true from, the dragon, and their second form a human – and Dragonian’s – the dragons’ riders.  Elena the daughter of a dragon and a human cannot transform into a dragon and shouldn’t have the mark of a Dragonian either –  but yet she does. *DUH DUH DUM*

Not only is it hard enough having grown up a normal human now being thrown into a brand new world, but Elena has to also deal with tough new classes, confusing magical foretelling’s, bad dreams, bitchy girls and rude guys. Good thing she has her two best friends Becky, a spunky Dragonian in training, and Sammy, a fun loving dragon, by her side through thick and thin. Not to mention the charming prince Lucian who’s out to steal Elena’s heart. Before all this Elena never believed in fairy tales, now she’s living in one.

Holy shit, that sounds cheesy. Just go read the goodreads synopsis (

World building – 4.25 stars

Adrienne Woods has managed to create this breathtaking world, Paegeia, hidden from our world in the Bermuda Triangle. Woods storytelling abilities really bring this world to life and allow us readers to be able to create a visual image in our heads.

A couple of facts about Paegeia:

  • It’s hidden behind an enchanted wall. A wall which dragons are able to cross through but humans once inside Paegeia can never leave
  • It has two kingdoms – Tith and Areeth – each with its own royal family
  • Dragons and magic exist there
  • Shall I repeat myself – DRAGONS AND MAGIC EXIST THERE

I thought all the different types of dragons would become extremely confusing to keep up with but Woods did it in a way that by half way through the book I knew which dragons were Metallic (good dragons) and which were Chromatic (evil dragons) and what powers they each possessed. Oh and dragons speak Latin (sorry but I found that really awesome).

All the back story given in the form of history lessons and anatomy classes were very clever of Woods, she obviously wanted us to know all the needed details about Paegeia, King Albert and the dragons and yet knew it would be hard to incorporate the information any other way, so through the use of class, Elena – and us through Elena were able to learn all about it.

Characters – 3.75 stars

Overall the characters in Firebolt were intriguing and entertaining, if not a little 2-dimensional. I was kind of annoyed that majority of the characters were so textbook YA characters. We have all read hundreds and hundreds of YA fantasy novels were the protagonist is this average girl type who needs to save the day and crushes hard on boys and is confused and destined for greatness and blah blah blah, and Elena is all those things. Don’t get me wrong the reason this personality is always sub-consciously – probably (*hopefully*) – recycled by authors is because we all love it. We all read about a person’s who’s like this and gets to live this amazing adventure and we want to be them. Elena is this character. As I was reading, I knew she could have been interchangeable with thirty other characters I’ve read about yet it didn’t stop me loving her, and rooting for her, because the formula for this character has been tried and tested true so many times. Plus Elena is bloody AH-MAZING! I love how Elena is neither a dragon nor a Dragonian, well at least not at this stage, I think by not having her belong to a certain group straight away she’s more interesting as we get to see how Woods has created Elena to be a unique character.

Elena of course had two best friends who also fit the stereotypical YA novel best friend mould. Becky, is the crazy, funny, dramatic friend who’s personality takes over a scene, and Sammy is the kind, loving, compassionate friend who’s always there when our protagonists needs a shoulder. I didn’t love these characters nearly as much as I loved Elena. Since the novel is in first person you only experience Becky and Sammy through Elena’s eyes – which is a positive outlook on her friends of course – but I just never connected with either of them. I know I just mentioned above that the YA fantasy formula isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but personally I feel like Woods did an average job of creating Becky and Sammy, they fit the mould to well without really having a personality away from the stereotype. I did however really like that compassionate Sammy is the dragon and fiery, crazy Becky is the human, I thought that role reversal was really cool.

Now to The Boys. Again our stereotypical formula was used to create my two boyfriends – the compassionate, loving, demonstrative, thoughtful boy and the brooding, tortured, borderline evil boy – but I didn’t even care in the slightest. I’m, as well as majority of females, are just a sucker for a good book boyfriend and Lucian and Blake are my true loves. *P.S Dibs on Blake, sorry not sorry*.


Okay first things first [I’m a realist] this next part is probably going to contain a shit tone of minor spoilers about Elena and the boys relationships, nothing huge but I’m just giving you a heads up.

Lucian, Lucian, Lucian, oh my beautiful Prince Lucian of Tith how you make my heart melt with your sweetness. Lucian and Elena’s relationship comes on hella quick (which is kind of annoying) and before she has even completed her first week of school her a Lucian are giving it a go. I love Lucian, he’s sweet and demonstrative and confident and just the right amount of territorial and a fucking prince for shits sake. He’s pretty much the perfect guy for any girl so of course we’d want him with our awesome Elena – we want her to have a fantasy romance there’s one thing wrong… he isn’t Blake.

By the end of Firebolt Elena and Lucian are still together and pretty much nothing at all has happened between Elena and Blake (which is super duper duper duper annoying because I kept waiting for something – fucking anything – to happen and yet it didn’t). When Elena first starts at Dragonia Academy she sees Blake and crushes on him before Lucian and as we all know that means that eventually even if it didn’t happen is Firebolt Elena + Blake = Love will happen. Which I’m so happy about btw. Blake is the, he’s the only Rubicon, a type of dragon that is both equal parts good and evil. He’s tortured and brooding and a little assholely (but we all know that’s just a defence mechanism) but still caring and brave and just fucking awesome. I want a Blake – including the part where he’s a dragon. I gotta move on otherwise I’ll probably never stop gushing about Blake.

The minor characters in Firebolt, like Master Longwei, Cheng, Constances and Arianna really are amazing characters who I think actually help make this book such a huge success. I want there to be more of Cheng in books to come, I think he is incredible, I really felt like a unique personality there and I loved it. Same with Arianna, I do enjoy a good boss ass bitch and boy did she deliver. Master Longwei and Constances are like the perfect adult balances in the book, without them I don’t think the book – based in an Academy – would work so seamlessly.

Writing Style  – 3.75 stars

Do you know how hard it is to find a book that doesn’t make you roll your eyes at every other line? I have read a string of books where I loved the plot and I thought the book had crazy potential but I ended up hating it because the author rushed through the entire novel or the dialog is so retarded I can’t even stand it. So when I picked up Firebolt and Woods style of writing didn’t make me want to puke I got so excited!!!!!


The books pace is perfect, it doesn’t rush through the beginning to get to the hulk of the story, and it doesn’t drag for pages and pages with long winded descriptions. Woods writes the development of emotions excellent as well. When grieving the death of her father, Woods has Elena morn him over the length of book instead of morn him for the first couple of chapters and then be completely okay with it – which lets not lie many average authors would have done.

Dialog is realistic to the way humans have conversations instead of being an entire book of witty banter only or an entire book of romancing words. Woods gave each character a voice and through that a distinct personality. They way Woods has Lucian speak sometimes did have me rolling my eyes, I thought some of his lines where a bit over the top with the romance but I understood that was just part of his Prince Charming persona. And thank whatever god is out there that every other page didn’t contain an ‘I giggled’ or an ‘I blushed’ (not to say Firebolt doesn’t include these phrases but they weren’t anywhere near as predominate as I’ve seen them in other books.

All in All

I sincerely loved this book and I rushed through reading it because I thought the second book was already out and I just want Blake and Elena to be together already. But I was wrong and it’s not out and now I have to wait like a whole month for the novella Venom to come out on the 15th November, and the second book in the series Thunderlight to come out on the 22nd of November. The struggle is real.


I’m so glad I read this book and I would recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy. It really truly is an incredible read you’d just fly through. I know I did. I barely left my room for two day and went to work to sleep deprived to function.

That review was way way longer then planed.
If you read this far have a wonderfully filing day/night, I’m sending you all my happy thoughts.
Oh and go read the book. Seriously.


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