10 bookish facts about me

Top Ten Tuesday // Ten Bookish Facts About Me!

Top Ten Tuesday as usual is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish I was thinking about naming this posts ‘Ten Bookish Facts About Me That No One Asked For’ but I refrained from doing that… Just barely tho! Are you ready… Here. We. Go! 1.The first book I ever read voluntarily (I wasn’t forced […]

for gangs

Mini Reviews // Awesome YA Romances With Gangs!

I have always been a sucker for 17 year olds in gangs. They’re always totally ridiculous but I can’t help but to devour them! These two book provided the feels and ridiculousness in spades!  Walk the Edge (Thunder Road #2) by Katie McGarry // I Eat This Shit Up I have no idea why I love […]

april 16 book haul

I’m-Such-An-Adult Book Haul

Guys, you ever go a month being so good with you book buying and then you’re like shit… someone better give me an Adulting award because I deserve one! That was my month!! Hallelujah! Bring me my award! (and a throne, a crown and $10,000,000 while you’re at it). After last months book buying catastrophe […]

ravenclaw must reads

YA Must Reads For Every Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw’s are known as the brains of Hogwarts but that is not all that they are. Yes, Ravenclaw House prize learning, wisdom, wit and intellect in it’s members, leading to many Ravenclaw’s being academically motivated and talented students, but they also prize’s individuality, quirkiness and having pride in oneself and their original ideas. It is not unusual […]

YA pick up lines 2

Bookish Pickup Lines Perfect For All YA Lovers

HAVE A CRUSH ON A YA BOOK LOVER? WHY NOT TRY OUT SOME OF THESE BOOK-TASTIC PICK UP LINES! (P.S I am not the owner of all of these pictures. I shall, of course, credit everything that isn’t mine.) The Maze Runner | Legend | Cinder | Shadow and Bone (by Doodling in the Margins) […]